Business Strategy
and Planning

Market Assessment

Marketing Strategy


Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy Development

We work with clients to understand where their brand stands in the marketplace and determine how their brand needs to be positioned. We work with organizations to develop strategies to achieve their growth and revenue goals. Our marketing strategy development may include many components:

  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Positioning
  • New product, service development
  • Pricing strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Customer relationship management strategy
  • Performance evaluation

Marketing Audit

The marketing audit is to the marketing department what a financial audit is to the accounting department. As a comprehensive review of a company's marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and activities, the marketing audit identifies operational strengths and weaknesses. The marketing audit also recommends changes to the company's marketing plans and programs.

Marketing Planning

The marketing plan is the most important element of a strategic business plan – it outlines the plan for success. Many organizations develop a strategic business plan loaded with operations, production and statistical information. However, the marketing section is often only one or two pages of sales and revenue forecasts matched to a marketing budget. Too many times it fails to contain an actual plan for achieving the desired sales results. With a well structured marketing plan an organization will likely achieve the desired results and lay a foundation for continued growth.

Marketing Performance Evaluation

With an ever-increasing focus on Return On Investment (ROI), the marketing department requires sophisticated data to present to C level executives within the organization. The marketing plan must include measurable goals and include the research budget to complete the required analysis. Some of the metrics we utilize to evaluate ROI include sales data, customer satisfaction indices, brand awareness, and equity indices.