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Business Strategy and Planning

Strategic planning is a coordinated and systematic process for setting the course and direction of an organization. The goal of strategic planning is to maximize the future potential of an organization. An effective strategic plan assures that the limited resources of an organization (capital and labour) are focused on supporting the course and direction established by the organization's leadership team.

An effective strategic plan will guide the organization in allocating resources. Our strategic planning process involves a review and understanding of any changes in: market segments, supplier activity, competitor activity, regulatory frameworks, and the economy. Our planning process includes meeting facilitation and scenario analysis tools.

Financial Management

We support clients in making a range of financial decisions. We provide business valuations, business case development, financial due diligence, profitability analysis, and feasibility analysis.

General Management

Our team of consultants bring decades of experience providing management and leadership in a range of industries and organizations. Our services include business plan development, leadership training, interim management, supply chain analysis, and lean management analysis and process development.

Venture Capital

We work closely with several Venture Capital firms that are active at different funding levels. We assist clients in developing funding strategies and assist in developing presentations and access to appropriate venture capital providers. We continue to work with both private and public companies.

Opportunity Assessments

Developing new products and technology requires an opportunity assessment. In our role as consultants, we conduct opportunity assessments for a range of clients with a focus on new technology. Through our connection to the technology development marketplace, we have developed an understanding of the technology commercialization process and the role of grant funding. Our opportunity analysis process includes: competitor analysis, market review, trend analysis, customer and stakeholder input research, and a review of regulatory activity.